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February Cats

I have a feeling everybody who has pets loves taking pictures of them, obviously I’m not an exception. Thankfully my boys are quite photogenic, except when Kookos pushes his neck back and Jeera does silly expressions…

Jeera -- 2 Women 2 Cats

Once again, I just wish it would finally be summer so we’d get a bit more sun. Jeera and Kookos agree with me – even if they don’t care about the quality of the pictures, they are solar powered and hence need the sun.

Kookos -- 2 Women 2 Cats

Oh well, the amount of the light is increasing every day, and soon the sun will reach our living room as well. We’re going to keep our spirits up until then!


Kookos -- 2 Women 2 Cats

Kookos' Eyes -- 2 Women 2 Cats

Comfy Jeera -- 2 Women 2 Cats