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Long Time No See, Lüneburg

In the last two years, it seems all our vacations have always taken us to Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, Germany.  Both of us have history in that town, but Stef – who is from there – more than I.

I moved from Finland to her place in Germany in 2011, and stayed there for eight months. Even though I didn’t live there for that long,  Lüneburg is still a home to both of us. I hope we’ll be able to move back there soon.

Am Sande, Lüneburg

Michaeliskirche, Lüneburg

Lüneburg is a town of history in many ways. Coming from Finland – a country with just a handful of well preserved medieval buildings  – I was amazed to live in a city where houses made in the 19th century felt new to me.

Obere Ohlingestr. Lüneburg

Lüneburg has been built on a salt dome and therefore it was quite the wealthy city, and it shows. It was also lucky to not have been bombed in the WWII, so its original charm remains.

Auf dem Meere, Lüneburg

December wasn’t really the prettiest time to visit, especially since it was mostly rainy and grey during our few days of stay. I know I sound a bit fanatic, but I loved it anyway. It was really nice to see friends, walk the beautiful streets and visit my favourite cafés.

Schröderstr. Lüneburg

Not everything was as it has always been though: sadly enough the beautiful Von Lösecke house on Stintmarkt had a gas explosion before Christmas and burnt down completely. Apparently it was not even an accident, and the police are trying to find the arsonist. Thankfully no-one died in the fire, but the people who lived there lost everything. My favourite Irish pub Old Dubliner and a lovely Italian restaurant La Trattoria were also located in the building, so those are gone. I hope the owners will find new locations in Lüneburg.

And after
And after

How someone can do something like this is just beyond me. The building will be preserved to how it had looked like in the 16th century, but I imagine it will take a long while.

Am Stintmarkt, Lüneburg

Alter Kran, Lüneburg
The weight of the Alter Kran

Alter Kran, Lüneburg

Without the awful looking burnt building, Am Stintmarkt with its river Ilmenau is one of my favourite places in Lüneburg.

Saltstr. Lüneburg

The building on the right was also new, and I’m amazed how well it fits with its surroundings at the river! Apparently the old house there was in a really bad condition and it was taken down. Now the new house has apartments for rent, but they are so expensive… I would just love to live in there.

Rathaus door, Lüneburg
One of the doors of the Rathaus with the Lüneburg coat of arms
Rathaus painting, Lüneburg
A painting on the outside lower court of the Rathaus

You pretty much can’t walk in Lüneburg without seeing the more than slightly wonky St. Johanniskirche behind some building!

St. Johanniskirche, Lüneburg Johanniskirche, Lüneburg

No vacation without some drama, or in this case, a lot of it. First my suitcase was delayed for three days, which was half of our vacation, and then both Stef and I got food poisoning and were utterly sick for a day. With all of this and the almost constant rain I’m quite surprised I enjoyed being in Germany as much as I did.

Papenstr. Lüneburg
This little street would be a perfect location for an apartment…

Papenstr. Lüneburg

I miss the silly town already!


December flowers, Lüneburg