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(Mostly) DIY Christmas Decoration

I love holidays like Christmas, Easter and Midsummer’s Eve – you can eat lots of good food and decorate the house! Not that it feels that Christmas-y in here that much though. It has been quite a warm winter so far and we don’t even have snow and ice at the moment.

2 women 2 cats -- Blueberry twigs

This year we didn’t want to spend a lot of money to spend on decoration, so we decided to be creative. We got some twigs to put in our vases and I made some paper ornaments. Since we’re not planning on getting a Christmas tree at all we didn’t use that many of our old glass baubles. Last year’s tree died for some reason after a day and the amount of needles it dropped was unbelievable. We just found one in our bedroom the other day, almost a year later!

2 women 2 cats -- Christmas vases

2 women 2 cats -- Decoupage Christmas ornament

I got some styrofoam stars and balls from a crafts store and découpaged little strips of newspaper and pieces of an old book on them. The book page pieces were a pain in the ass – they were so thick they just wouldn’t stick. In the end I put a little bit of water on them to bend them more easily. Maybe next time I will use wheat paste or wallpaper paste, the kind that  is used for pâper maché.

2 women 2 cats -- Christmas wreath

I used the star ornaments also for a little Christmas wreath I made for the front door. The wreath itself is made from heather and blueberry twigs and everything is bound together with lots and lots of metal wire.

2 women 2 cats -- Old book ornaments

2 women 2 cats -- Old book ornaments

I made some paper ornaments for my Monstera as well, after all it’s almost big enough to be a Christmas tree! I used an old book with these again. It’s a perfect use for the ones that have ended up in your book case but you’ve never enjoyed that much – especially if you’re like me and just can’t throw away books.

2 women 2 cats -- Christmas Hyacinth

A must-have in my Christmas is also a hyacinth. I’ve heard it’s not used as much in other countries as a Christmas flower, but in here the amazing scent of a hyacinth is always associated with Christmas. Too bad the flower doesn’t last longer than a few weeks. If I had my way we would have fresh flowers every day in the apartment.

2 women 2 cats -- Christmas Hyacinth

Taking these pictures was really annoying by the way – it’s just too dark nowadays! The sun is up less than six hours a day and when it is up, it’s so low you can’t really see it behind the not-even-that-tall buildings. I could moan and vent for hours about the lack of sun and its negatives to Finnish people’s health, but what I’m really trying to say is that I should clearly get a tripod for winter time photography…

2 women 2 cats -- Heather in a vase

2 women 2 cats -- Mushroom bauble

The apartment might be ready for Christmas, but unfortunately I’m not. I still haven’t bought and made all the Christmas presents! Today I’m making some Finnish gingerbread cookies and next week it’s time to hurry-hurry-hurry with the rest.

2 women 2 cats -- Alternative Christmas tree
Our alternative Christmas tree