Easy Whipped Shaving Soap

In one of my previous blog posts I shared how easy it is to make liquid hand soap out of a cold processed natural soap bar. Today’s recipe is just as easy and even takes less time.

DIY Shaving Soap from a bar of cold processed natural soap |2wome2cats|

You can buy special shaving soaps (or make your own cold processed one) but if you have lots of soap bars like I do and can’t use them up as fast as you’d like, this might be the perfect solution. Also a good way to pimp up a soap bar that you maybe didn’t like that much before. There is no need for alcohol or aggressive surfactants or paraffinic oils. If you take a look at the back of many commercial shaving creams you’ll see that they often include things you really don’t want on your skin. Natural cold processed soap bars are made from oils and are saponificated with NaOH and often are highly superfatted to prevent dry skin.

DIY Shaving Soap from a bar of cold processed natural soap |2wome2cats|

For this shaving soap I used a bar that I didn’t like that much on its own and added some coconut oil and pure aloe vera gel (for extra moisture) to the process. I you don’t have aloe vera gel or don’t want to use it you can just add an equal amount of water to the mixture.


50 g cold processed soap
100 ml water
50 ml pure aloe vera gel
1 tbsp coconut oil
a few drops essential oil (optional)

Grind the soap bar or chuck it in a food processor. The soap should be really fine, otherwise it won’t melt easily. Heat the water with the soap and oil in a medium sized saucepan on low heat until the soap has completely melted. You really need to stir a lot because of the small amount of water. Mine turned into a thick paste really quickly and the soap was dissolved almost immediately. Be careful not to let it burn! It might form little lumps at the bottom which may seem like unmelted soap. If you touch them, you’ll see that those lumps are actually more like a paste and it means the soap flakes have dissolved already. Stir in the aloe vera and keep it a little bit longer on the stove until everything is incorporated properly. Take it off the heat and set aside to let it cool down.

Unlike the liquid hand soap I have made, the shaving cream doesn’t need to gel up for a few days. I gave it a stir every few hours and it had set completely after a day. If you don’t stir it so frequently it might take a little bit longer. When the soap has set, whip it up by hand or with a mixer and add some essential oil if your soap wasn’t scented. It will be really smooth, creamy and easy to apply. Best is to keep it in a small tin in the bathroom.


DIY Shaving Soap from a bar of cold processed natural soap |2wome2cats|

DIY Shaving Soap from a bar of cold processed natural soap |2wome2cats|

13 thoughts on “Easy Whipped Shaving Soap

  1. Hello my beautiful.
    write a blog in English is certainly not easy. As you can see, my English is pretty bad.
    That’s why I admire people like you!

    I wish you a nice day!

  2. The recipe is really interesting. I like the normal amount of foam from soap bars, so i don’t need extra shaving creams. And to be honest, i’m too lazy to use many different products in my shower 😉

    1. I love my soap bars too. Should publish my soap recipes actually.
      I have noticed that my skin need an extra bit of glide while shaving, so I won’t get a rash later.

  3. Ich hoffe, ein Kommentar auf Deutsch ist auch in Ordnung 😀 Ich finde es toll, solche DIY-Ideen zu bekommen. Es klingt wirklich nach einem einfachen Rezept und dann weiß ich, was drin ist. 🙂

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe,
    Iza vom Reiseblog http://unsettled-destination.de/

  4. Das klingt ja wirklich gut =) Ich habe erst letztens gelesen, dass alles, was schĂ€umt, schlecht fĂŒr die Haut sein soll (also nicht wegen dem SchĂ€umen an sich, sondern wegen einem speziellen Inhaltsstoff, der das auslöst), und hab mich schon gefragt, wie man bei Rasierschaum ums SchĂ€umen herumkommen soll… =)

    1. Schaum per se ist nicht schlecht. Es kommt immer auf den Inhalt drauf an. Wenn meine Rasierseife benutze oder selber Seife siede, schĂ€umt sie auch obwohl nur Öle enthalten sind. 🙂
      Beim Seifesieden gibt z. B. Rizinusöl sehr schönen Schaum.

  5. Hallöchen♄
    Da meine Englisch-Schrift-Skills nicht die besten sind, muss ich mein hohes Lob auf Deutsch verfassen, damit alles so wertschÀtzend (etc) ankommt, wie es sein soll!
    Ich bin ĂŒber Kleiderkreisel auf euren Blog gestoßen und war sofort verliebt! Ihr habt so tolle Posts und besonders die Rezepte haben es mir angetan. So viel kann ich garnicht essen, wie ich nachmachen möchte â˜ș!
    Zudem ist euer Layout super. Genauso wie die QualitÀt der Bilder und deren Komposition. Ich komme aus dem SchwÀrmen garnicht mehr heraus haha.
    Macht bitte weiter so♄
    Ganz viele liebe GrĂŒĂŸe, Julia

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