Easy Dead Sea Salt Scrub

During the wintertime Tiia always has had problems with atopic skin, especially on her hands. Depending on the weather it can be quite tolerable or awful in a few days change. Also she noticed that it gets worse if she has to use hand disinfectant and commercial liquid soap at work (plus stress and lack of sleep is a big factor). A while ago she had bought a quite pricey Dead Sea salt scrub which helped her quite well but didn’t have the best ingredients. Dead Sea salt is full of minerals and great for eczema in cosmetics and baths but of course you don’t have to suffer from atopic skin to enjoy it.

2women2cats: Diy Dead Sea Salt Scrub

I wouldn’t recommend using a scrub if your skin is already damaged so much that it has open wounds. For Tiia the scrub has prevented the skin to get that to that stage and she didn’t find the peeling effect too harsh on her skin. I bought a whole kilo of unprocessed Dead Sea salt at the eco market for around 10€. Way cheaper than the store bought ready made scrubs! You’ll mostly find the pure salt labeled as bath salt since it’s not edible. A kilo is a lot so I’d recommend also using it for the bathtub, if you have one, or for a relaxing foot or hand bath.

2women2cats: Diy Dead Sea Salt Scrub


Pure Dead Sea salt
Cold pressed oil of your choice – in this case I used sesame and macadamia

The salt is quite coarse (probably differs depending on the brand) so you need to break it down in a food processor first. You don’t want the peeling to be too harsh, so make sure the salt is quite small. I didn’t add any amounts because the recipe is really simple and you can start out making only a small batch to test it or a big jar.

2women2cats: Diy Dead Sea Salt Scrub

The only other thing you need to add to the scrub is oil. Whereas store bought peelings often use the cheapest processed oils, I would recommend using cold pressed oils only. Best would be if you already have experience in which oil your skin likes and which not. Sesame is a really great and mild oil that I also use for my face, while macadamia is a bit heavier and therefore I only added a small amount of.

Mix the salt with one or two oils of your choice in a bowl. Make sure everything is covered properly and there is a small layer of oil on top of the mixture. Then transfer into a jar or tin and your scrub is ready to use! You can keep it for a long time since there aren’t any perishable ingredients in it. Selfmade scrubs are also a great gift!


2women2cats: Diy Dead Sea Salt Scrub

2women2cats: Diy Dead Sea Salt Scrub

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