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We’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier lately. No industrial sugar or wheat flour which means less candy and other crap. Unfortunately it’s Christmas season and my grandma decided to send a huge package of German Christmas candy! At the moment it is sitting in the cupboard tempting me but I think I’d rather start the day with a chia pudding and some fresh mango. Also a sourdough rye bread is enjoying the radiator wrapped in a warm cloth for the next two hours before it will be baked. I have been making all of our breads (all sourdough) recently from rye or spelt flour and they are way better than most bought ones.

Other times when we feel like something sweet, I usually make some raw treats like raw protein bars or raw cake. And I have to say it does make me feel way better. I have more energy and whenever I actually ate some “normal” store bought candy I immediately craved for more and it left my body feeling kinda bleugh the next day which I don’t experience with self made foods. This still won’t mean I’ll be eating only raw from now on or completely healthy. I think it is perfectly fine to enjoy some of the Christmas candy once in a while or to make a normal cake with white flour but I’d like to make our own food as much as possible.

I have two more recipes coming up: one for raw protein bars and one for a layered cake with whipped coconut cream and chocolate mousse. I am also thinking about trying to make a raw nutella today.

Also some news: Two of our raw recipes have been selected to be featured in a free online book! Geoff and Robyn Randolph from The Pure Healthy Way have selected our Raw Goji- & Mulberry Cupcakes With Salted Chocolate Frosting and our Raw Chili Chocolate Cake to be part of it along other great recipes. The book is called The Pure Healthy Way To Enjoy Desserts and can be downloaded on their webpage. Many thanks to Robyn and Geoff!

2women2cats: Raw Goji- & Mulberry Cupcakes with Salted Chocolate Frosting

2women2cats: Chili Chocolate Cake

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