Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies

Since I’ve never had raw cookies, although I have seen some in the cafés, I thought it would be great to try that next. These were really easy to make and don’t need that many ingredients. For the chocolate chips you can of course buy ready made raw ones or just plain chocolate chips if you’re not a raw foodist. I decided to make some myself because I wanted to keep the recipe raw. I have to say that I definitely need to work on those. They are more like flat chocolate circles than chocolate chips but tasted great.

Start out with making the chocolate chips if you don’t want to buy any. Otherwise you can skip this step. This recipe makes around 6-7 cookies.

For the chocolate chips

1 ½ tbsp raw cacao butter
1 ½ tbsp raw cacao powder
1 ½ tsp coconut blossom syrup or other sweetener
sea salt

Carefully melt the cacao butter making sure that it doesn’t get hotter than 40-45°C. Mix in the cacao powder and sweetener. Spice with a bit of sea salt against the bitterness. I like my chocolate quite salty. Let it cool down a bit before piping chocolate drops on a piece of parchment paper. Let them set in the fridge and prepare the cookie dough.

2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies

For the dough

½ cup almonds
½ cup oats
2 tsp coconut blossom syrup
1  ½ tbsp coconut oil
sea salt

In a food processor first grind the almonds to flour, then the oats.

2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies
Doesn’t look that pleasant at first.

Mix everything together with a bit of salt in a bowl forming a dough.  Depending on what size cookies you like seperate the batter. Then roll each piece into a ball and flatten it afterwards. You can then add the chocolate chips or first make the cookies and put them on top later. I went with the second option because I made the cookies first and the chocolate wasn’t firm enough yet.

2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies

2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies

You can eat them right away at room temperature or let them set in the fridge for a bit. If you have chocolate chips left over store them in an airtight container for next time or melt the chocolate and spread it out on a parchment paper sprinkling it with dried berries. Enjoy!


2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies

2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies

2women2cats: Raw chocolate chip cookies

6 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Yum! I always think raw recipes are too complicated an require many ingredients. But this looks quite simple enough for me 🙂 And who would say no to chocolate!!

    1. You should check out my other raw recipes then. Usually I hate buying lots of ingredients and some nut, dates and raw cacao powder will be enough to make cakes as well. And the good thing is that you can taste them as you go along so nothing can really turn out bad 😀

  2. They look soo perfect! I love raw recipes because they are always quite simple to make but soo delicious. I guess there are many raw foodists who don’t want to use salt ore even coconut blossom syrup/sugar but that differs and I don’t always understand the reasons. But since I’m now raw vegan anyway I’ll just follow the recipe 🙂

    1. Yeah, it is really difficult to find out what is allowed and what is not. For ingredients like oats, syrups and even nuts it is not that easy to tell if they are really raw when you buy them even if it says so on the package. But even raw foodist argue about that and since I am not one I just do it as best as I can 😀

      1. Same here. Normally I do not even by “special” nuts or cacao because they are sooo expensive. As replacer for cacao I’ve got a package of carob which was cheaper. There isn’t “THE” raw foodist but a range of raw lifestyles like 801010, high fat&high carb, things like rawtill4. So I guess people like us who just want to be open for different styles of nutrition don’t need to be to strict with themselves concerning the definition of “raw”.

      2. Same here, I just love trying out new things but I don’t think I could be really strict with myself and stick to a diet like that for always. 🙂

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