Grandma’s Frankfurter Kranz

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

This cake has always been one of my favourites. Grandma has been baking it on lots of occasions like birthdays and holidays for probably decades now and the whole family just loves it.

Now that I am living in Finland and rarely get to taste grandma’s cakes I just have to do them on my own. For the second year in a row now Tiia wanted it for her birthday so I also decided to put it up on the blog. If you want to have a look at last year’s Frankfurter Kranz check out our first blog post from last year.

A traditional Franfurter Kranz is a Bundt cake made with buttercream and decorated with caramel covered brittle nuts. Grandma always uses vanilla buttercream and decorates with chocolate sprinkles. The layers are also filled with buttercream but instead of jam she puts sliced bananas in it. So technically I have no idea if it is still a Frankfurter Kranz but that is just how she calls it, so I will stick with the name.

For the decoration I used sugared rose petals. Those are really easy to make. If you have unsprayed roses you can use a pastry brush and coat one by one with egg foam sprinkling with sugar afterwards. Let the petals dry on a baking sheet and then store in an airtight container. They taste really great!

Ingredients for the Bundt cake

250 g softened butter (add a bit of salt to the batter if you don’t use salted butter)
200 g sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
4 eggs
zest of one lemon
125 g plain flour
125 g potato starch (or corn)
1/2 tsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease a Bundt tin. I usually also add home made bread crumbs so the cake won’t stick to the sides.

Beat the butter with the sugar and the vanilla sugar until it’s white and fluffy. Add the eggs and the lemon zest. Most recipes say to add one egg at a time but to be honest I don’t think it makes a difference in the end. Beat until the batter is thick and fluffy.

Combine the flour, starch and baking powder in a bowl and slowly add to the mixture until everything is incorporated and the dough is shiny.

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

Pour the batter into the Bundt pan and even out with the back of a tablespoon.

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

Bake around 60 minutes and let it cool down before taking it out of the tin.

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

When it’s cooled down enough, cut the cake into three rings, set aside and prepare the frosting. If you want to make the frosting the next day, don’t cut the cake beforehand.

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

For the frosting

200 g butter (not too soft)
250 g powdered sugar
1 vanilla bean
2 bananas (depending on size)
Decoration of your choice (I used sugared rose petals)

Open the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds out. Take a big bowl, add the butter and the vanilla. With a hand mixer carefully mix it with the powdered sugar while sifting it into the bowl. You don’t want any lumps in it. If you want it sweeter or firmer you can always add more sugar to the buttercream.

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

Cut the bananas in slices.
Take the bottom ring of the cake, spread a nice amount of buttercream onto it and top it with banana slices.

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

Then place the next cake ring on top and repeat. The top part of the cake won’t have bananas so you can spread the rest of the buttercream on top and in the middle of the cake.

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

I always make a thin layer at first, then put the cake in the fridge until the buttercream is a bit firm and add the rest of the buttercream afterwards. I do that because I always get a bit of crumbs into the frosting and I don’t like the looks of that. So once the first layer is firm enough you can add more buttercream and it will look a bit cleaner. You can smooth it out or leave it a bit rustic looking. If you want it really smooth you can also put it back in the fridge and once the buttercream is firm you can scrape a bit of to make an even layer.

Add sprinkles or other decoration. You can eat the cake when the buttercream is still a bit soft or when it has firmed up the fridge. Enjoy!


2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

2women2cats: Grandma's Frankfurter Kranz

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