Teatteri: Best Salad In Town

It is warm in Finland, some might even say too hot. Finnish people at least, although I am quite sure some of them are enjoying living at the sea side and being able to swim without freezing one or two toes off! When it’s a bit too warm I never know what to eat and I am certainly not in the mood of standing in the kitchen for hours while cooking. Perfect reason to leave the house and get some food elsewhere!

Teatteri is located in the building of the Swedish Theater at Esplanadi. During lunch time there is often a queue for their salads. That made me curious and I decided it would be time to try it out.

2women2cats: Teatteri, Helsinki

A big plate with lettuce, tomatoes and watermelon plus two toppings of your choice is 10€. They usually have lots of ingredients to choose from and also lots of vegetarian options. The price also Includes a piece of bread and a salad dressing. For a few cents more you can also get a Caesar salad with either chicken or shrimps.

2women2cats: Teatteri, Helsinki
With salmon and pesto marinated mozzarella
2women2cats: Teatteri, Helsinki
Chicken Caesar salad

They have a big terrace if you want to enjoy the sun but also a lot of seats inside with comfy chairs and couches. Definitely worth trying and we will come back too!



2 thoughts on “Teatteri: Best Salad In Town

  1. Sounds like delicious food for a very reasonable price. 🙂 I just found your blog during research on medieval Finland, and am delighted by your posts. 🙂

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