A Spring Walk To The Beach

I hope everybody is enjoying the long Easter weekend. The weather is so nice and warm this year that we decided to take a long walk in the sun. We live really close to the seaside and it was the perfect opportunity to have a look at spring plants. The trees are not green yet but I think the leaf buds will open really soon.

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland

Since spring came so early this year, there are already a few nice species to discover.

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland
Wood anemone

Wood anemone (finn. valkovuokko, germ. Buschwindröschen) is known as the Mother’s Day flower in Finland and usually starts growing in early to mid May, depending if there is still snow. On the morning of Mother’s Day you can see lots of people picking them as a gift for their mother.

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland

Last time I went to the sea there was still ice on it!

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland

I really like the small beach in Munkkiniemi because the forest almost goes all the way up to the water.

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland
Common hepatica (finn. sinivuokko, germ. Leberblümchen)

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland

The common hepatica is also one the flowers to grow first in spring. You can often find it in the forest where their bright blue covers the brown ground.

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland
Really daring people might already go for a swim. Not for me I have to say and rather enjoyed a little sun on the warm stones.

2women2cats: Helsinki, Finland

Tomorrow the weather forecast predicts 18°C! I can’t really believe it, since it’s only April. Last year there was still a layer of snow. Time to get the summer clothes out of the closets I guess.

Back home I see that we haven’t been the only ones enjoying the sunshine.

2women2cats: Kookos

Have nice Easter Monday!





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