Easter Cats

Our cat boys might not enjoy chocolate eggs, but they do like the sun…

2women2cats: Easter Cats

2women2cats: Easter Cats

Now that the sun shines better into our apartment, the boys just migrate from one sunny spot to another. Stef put the living room carpet on a table when she was cleaning, and the cats thought it was the best bed they have ever slept on.

2women2cats: Easter Cats

It’s funny how every time you put a towel, a shirt or anything similar on the couch or on the bed, cats immediately go to sleep on there. It’s like they need extra layers of softness for their delicate behinds. Reminds me of the story of the princess and the pea and how she couldn’t fall asleep with a pea under 20 mattresses and 20 feather-beds.

2women2cats: Easter Cats

The boys are like any brothers and always end up fighting at some point…

2women2cats: Easter Cats

Only to be  cuddling with each other the next minute.

2women2cats: Easter Cats


I hope all the readers are enjoying the Easter holidays to the fullest!


2women2cats: Easter Apple Flowers

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