Another Trip To Tallinn


I am a bit late with this post. We went a few weeks ago to visit a friend of ours and stayed for a few days this time. Estonia has been really lucky with the weather this year as well and so there wasn’t any snow during our stay. I guess they are waiting for the trees to get green as much as we are at the moment.

Of course there are just too many pictures to post but I’ll leave the best ones here so you’ll get a better impression of Tallinn. Feel free to ask questions in the comments; I will keep this post like a picture diary without much text.

And no, of course we didn’t eat all the cakes in one day. Even my cake stomach is full at some point.


If you’re into knitting and crocheting I would definitely recommend this store. The amount of yarns being sold is just unbelievable. I think Tiia and I actually spent more than an hour in there, just going through everything. In the end we spent around 50€ on two big bags of yarn. Well worth it!

Every small street has something to discover


Olde Hansa
Back in the old town


We haven’t managed to go to the restaurant Peppersack but I can still admire the building.


You should try the roasted almonds that are sold by Olde Hansa. They are flavoured with smoke and even garlic!


You should also check out Olde Hansa’s Krambude. They sell well made replicas of historical tableware. We will definitely have to buy some more glasses!



We usually have to pay a visit to III Draakon. This time we had a cabbage pastry each and left enough space for some cake later on.

Blueberry Cheesecake
Kama Cake, an Estonian speciality

After lots of walking, coffee and cake seemed to be reasonable. I can’t praise Café Matilda enough! Good cakes and nice coffee or tea are being served for a really good price in the heart of the town.



Rasmus the friendly seagull thinking about the purpose of life
Rasmus the friendly seagull thinking about the meaning of life





Lots of artists offer their paintings at the “Pikk Jalg” (long leg)
This would be perfect for our own little café

In the evening we went to Sushimon to get some fresh sushi. It was made directly in front of our eyes and tasted delicious.



Another day, another cake day?

Of course.



Crème Brûlée Cake
Alexander Cake and Rum Ball

In Vanalinna, right in the old town, you have the difficult choice between lots of cakes and sweet or savoury pastries for a really good price. They also have a nice terrace in the summer time.

Unfortunately every trip has to end at some point but I am sure we’ll be back for another soon! If you haven’t seen my older post about Tallinn, you should click here.



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