Streat Helsinki Eats

Sometimes I just love this city. Spring has arrived and Helsinki is finally alive again. The people on the streets actually look happy!

Helsinki cathedral

There’s always something happening in here, and on the Saturday 22nd of March there was a brand new street food festival called Streat Helsinki.  Over 30 little street restaurants offered everything from oysters to tacos.

Streat Helsinki TacoBot

Taco socks

It was a fine spring day with a cloudless sky, so naturally the streets were packed with people. Over 10 000 attended the festival! For once we were smart enough to avoid the biggest rush hours and went there at 11 am. Apparently in the afternoon the queues to the food stands were ridiculous.

Streat Helsinki

The food there was well worth the queuing. There were tons of vegetarian options, which was really nice for me personally. At least two stands were selling seitan kebab, but instead I decided to get Tokyo Seitan Burger from Richard McCormicks Burger Joint. It was just delicious. It was with marinaded seitan strips, sprouts, mint and coriander leaves and wasabi mayo. I have a feeling we will be trying to recreate this in the kitchen some time soon…

Tokyo Seitan Burger
Easily the best burger I’ve ever had

We also shared a vegan hot dog from Social Food Street. It was also really good, but not as jaw dropping as the burger. Although it didn’t say on the menu, I’m pretty sure the sausage was made out of black beans. It was served with grilled zucchini and paprika, rucola and mustard seeds.

Vege Koira

For dessert we shared a Dutch sirup waffle from Flying Dutchman. Unfortunately they only had one waffle maker and although the queue seemed small, we had to wait quite a bit.

Flying Dutchman

Dutch Sirup Waffle

What a great gastronomic Saturday we had. I really hope Streat Helsinki happens next year as well!


Streat Helsinki

Streat Helsinki

Streat Helsinki
A little girl was playing in one of the last snow piles

Streat Helsinki


8 thoughts on “Streat Helsinki Eats

  1. Das sind ja großartige Bilder! Und diese Taco Socken… ich muss die haben, die sind ja grandios 🙂

    1. Der Stand der Herren mit den Tacosocken war leider noch nicht auf. Darauf hätte ich auch Lust gehabt 😀
      War echt ein schöner Tag, der Frühling ist eingekehrt und viel früher als üblich 🙂

      1. Das klingt super. Ja so weit oben dauert das ja sicher immer noch ein bisschen länger. Wenn ich in 41 Tagen in Kanada bin wird da sogar noch ein bisschen Schnee liegen 🙂

      2. Oh das kann ich mir vorstellen! Das war ja in Deutschland auch so. Meine neue Heimat dagegen versinkt in Schnee, da muss ich mich sicher auch erstmal umstellen.

      3. Ich bin schon gespannt auf Fotos! Du willst doch hoffentlich nicht auch deinen Blog zurücklassen?

      4. Nein, natürlich nicht! Ich hab sogar eine neue (kleine Kamera) gekauft da ich die große nicht mitnehmen will 🙂 Ich hoffe es klappt häufig genug mit dem Internet, Handy geht da oben nicht und Internet mal mehr, mal weniger 🙂

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