Friday Afternoon Picnic

We love to have picnics in the summertime, hence we got this great book called The Picnic Cookbook  by Annie Bell as a Christmas present. Unfortunately in Finland you can’t really have outdoor picnics in the wintertime, unless you enjoy eating in a meter of snow with -17°C. We decided to be rebels and make some interesting food from the book and have a nice picnic in the middle of our small living room.

Friday Picnic -- 2 Women 2 Cats

Some candles around, a bedspread serving as a picnic blanket  and a makeshift table out of some sofa cushions and the setting was perfect. I can imagine this would be a nice idea for Valentine’s Day for those who want to celebrate it.

Fiday Picnic -- 2 Women 2 Cats

There were some delicious ideas in the book, including gorgeous pictures and general tips. I have a feeling we’re going to read it through many times before the summer is even here.

Tomato Galettes -- 2 Women 2 Cats

The cherry tomato and parmesan galettes were from the book, as was the lavender shortbread and the cheat’s aioli dip. The recipes were easy to follow and turned out really tasty. I recommend the book for other picnic enthusiasts!

Pastéis de Belém -- 2 Women 2 Cats

Stef also made onion jam for crackers with cheese and I made Pastéis de Belém, Spanish puff pastries with pudding. The tarts were delicious and really easy, I have to make them again, at least when I have left over egg yolk from making macarons or meringue.

Lavender Shortbread -- 2 Women 2 Cats

It was amazing to relax like this after a work week, I deeply recommend it. Let me know in the comments if you ever do something like this indoors and what are your favourite picnic recipes!


Friday Picnic Prosecco -- 2 Women 2 Cats

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