Breakfasts, Persimmons And Starbucks

I did manage to make amazing macarons last weekend! Writing the recipe down tends to take an age with me, so unfortunately making a post about them will still take a day or two. I assure you they were quite amazing though; I made ones with lavender honey buttercream and ones with rose sirup and either white or dark chocolate ganache. They were a nice treat to bring to my family, since we went to visit there on Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day. Even my 3-year-old nephew liked them! A foodie in the making…

Father's Day Macarons

I have also gotten myself addicted to persimmons. I want to eat them all the time, even when I’m sleeping. I’m so glad they’re finally in season and aren’t costing an arm and a leg. So here is a nice picture of my favourite type of breakfast at the moment – a cappuccino, yoghurt with bananas, blueberries, flax seeds and honey, and of course a persimmon. Delicious! It’s so nice when the good things in life are also simple.

Healthy breakfast

After half a year of renovations in the Akateeminen book store, the day arrived at last: a Starbucks opened in the centre of Helsinki! So naturally – the café enthusiasts as we are – Stef and I thought we’d have nice Caramel Macchiatos on the opening day. Not that we think Starbucks is some kind of a haven of good coffee – we just like to check new cafés out. Since we live in Finland, I should’ve really known: there was a huge queue in there! 30-50 people, at two in the afternoon. Excuse me? Waiting there for half an hour would’ve certainly not been worth it, so we decided to go to Roastery Café on Aleksanterinkatu instead. We will get our 5€ (!) tall Caramel Macchiatos soon enough I guess.

Kookos wouldn't queue for a Starbucks coffee either
Kookos wouldn’t queue for a Starbucks coffee either


3 thoughts on “Breakfasts, Persimmons And Starbucks

  1. Just wanted to note I am following your blog now with pleasure 🙂
    It’s really great for me, to read things written by a Finnish person in English, since I don’t know the language, but am super curious about Finnish culture and thoughts.

    Keep on writing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’ll try sometime to write and take some pictures of Helsinki and not just of our apartment.

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