Mushroom Time

Yes, we like to pick mushrooms. It’s a great feeling to walk through the forest (if it’s not raining cats and dogs) with a little basket and to stumble upon some tasty little mushrooms. Ooh the victory when the basket gets fuller! (You sometimes have to appreciate the small things, right?)

Finnish Forest
Winter chanterelle

Helsinki might be the capital city but it’s really green. There is a big Central Park where you can find mushrooms and pick blue- and lingonberries. Unfortunately it’s really busy. A lot of people take their dogs for a walk in there and go jogging or horse back riding. Better mushrooms and less traffic we found in a more secluded forest in Espoo.

Finnish Forest

In the summertime you can find lots of chanterelles. When the weather is turning colder it’s time for “tatti” (engl. bolete, germ. Marone/Röhrling) and “hapero” (engl. russula, germ. Täubling) and “känsätuhkelo”(engl. common puffball, germ. Flaschenstäubling). There are a lot more mushrooms to pick but my most favourite ones are “suppilovahvero” (engl. winter chantarelle, germ. Trompetenpfifferling) and “vaaleaorakas” (engl. hedgehog mushroom, germ. Semmel-Stoppelpilz).

So, for us this is a perfect way to spend boring sundays possibly until Christmas since the winter chanterelles can even be found peeking through the snow.

Awesome on Flammkuchen or with pasta!


Winter chanterelles

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