Tuesday Blues… Or Greys

This late autumn is so grey and depressing – it feels like it’s not getting light at all, it just goes from black to grey. I wish it would be sunny!

Fog at Katajanokka

This weather makes me both tremendously tired and utterly unproductive. In the morning nothing feels better than the warm blankets and some feline and human company in the bed. I’d just like to stay in when the damnable alarm goes off, but no, work awaits.

Twice a week I have my German class, and that is also one reason this blog has been a bit abandoned. I’m trying to learn the language as fast as I can, so I’m actually in a class that is above my level  – which means I have to do a lot of extra work in my free time. I have six course books I’m doing at the moment! Six!

Studying German
Studying German in Johan&Nyström where we went on Sunday. I took some pictures there as well, so a post should be on its way at some point.

Well enough with the moping now, Tiia! I have great plans of making lavender and rose macarons this week, I’m trying my best to have the time for it. If I do and they don’t turn out to be flat as pancakes, recipe is to be expected on the weekend!

In the meanwhile, here are some pictures of Jeera and Kookos, to brighten up the Tuesday!


Jeera looking like a silly potato.
Kookos and his nose.

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