Kippo – Raw Cakes & More

Helsinki, or Finland in general has a big coffee culture. It’s a bit different from the normal European capital where you find 30 Starbucks’ every corner. You can certainly find neat little cafés close to the center. You’ll just have to search at bit.

Finns also just like their filter coffee. Every café will serve it. Most cafés are self-service and for a few euros you can take as much filter coffee as you like. I have to admit that this is not my cup of tea so I’m always looking out for places with freshly made cappuccino and hand-made foam.

New trends might come here late but they will come. While bubble tea was all over Europe a small store opened its doors a few years later in the railway station. Everything just takes a little bit longer in here. Maybe it’s because people hide away in their cosy homes in the stupidly cold and dark winter, who knows.
Kippo - Coffee & raw foods
After the renovation of one of the shopping malls in the centre, Tiia and me found a nice little place that had just opened in there. Actually Kippo had a little store in Iso Roobertinkatu before, which will reopen in Feb’14.

Of course it’s a bit busy in the shopping mall and lacks both privacy and cosiness but the food and the coffee make up for it.

It offers exactly the type of special coffees I like. Nothing that will just come out of a full automatic machine that has a cappuccino button. You can also get all kinds of juices and smoothies. Latter starts at the price of 5.40€ and comes with ingredients like chia seeds, cashews and raw cocoa. They offer also a green smoothie with avocado and spinach.

Another offer is their frozen yoghurt. You can choose between one made from cow milk and one from soy milk. Did I already say that everything is organic and that the coffee is fair trade? Fresh blueberries on top or white chocolate? No problem! The yoghurt plus 2 toppings come for the price of 3,90€.

Frozen Joghurt

My favourite was actually their raw cake. We decided to take a chili chocolate cake and it was pure bliss! I definitely have to try to make some raw cakes at home. It was so delicious that I forgot the price but I think it was around 5.40€ per piece.

Latte and raw chili chocolate cake

So, if you are around the centre and looking for some good coffee and cake this is the place to go!


Kippo - Coffee & raw foods

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