Matcha – My New Love

As it’s cold outside and I’m sitting on the couch drinking a bowl of matcha I just have to write a few words about it. It’s my new-found love. I read about it a while ago on the internet and got really interested.

Matcha is green tea which has been ground to a fine powder. It contains a high amount of antioxidants which don’t get lost in the process since you eat the whole leaf instead of discarding them with a tea bag.

Matcha is used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and was originally used as medicine, so make sure you’ll buy a high quality, organic one. I chose Aiya matcha since I heard good things about it.

I have to admit that it’s bit pricey so I resisted buying the traditional bamboo whisk (chasen), bowl (chawan) and spoon (chashaku). After all I didn’t even know if I would like it. On the first try I made a matcha latte and it didn’t quite convince me. I used normal cow milk with it and I think that was the mistake. It just doesn’t quite fit. So I replaced the milk for soy milk and it’s really delicious.

Here is the recipe:

~ 30 ml of water around 80°C (just let it cool down for 8-10 minutes after boiling)
1/2 teaspoon matcha
150-200 ml soy milk or other milk

Whisk the matcha in a bowl (I just used my normal whisk since I didn’t buy the bamboo one) with some hot water until it’s all dissolved and foamy. Then add some hot foamed soy milk. If you like you can sweeten the latte with honey or sirup. I used sweetened soy milk so that wasn’t necessary. Enjoy!

Matcha Latte

You can also use the matcha for smoothies, baking and cooking. I think I will try to make some matcha macarons soon.


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