A Short Introduction

We wanted to make a blog for a while now but neither of us wanted to maintain it by themselves, so we decided to start one together.

This blog will be in English but neither of us is a native speaker. We speak English at home since it’s the only language we both speak. Currently Stef is learning Finnish and Tiia is learning German so we’ll see how that goes. We’re living in Helsinki at the moment but you never know where life might take us.

Jeera and Kookos are our two extremely silly cats who might be featured in the blog once in a while.
This takes us to the theme of this blog. I don’t think there is one. This isn’t supposed to be only a blog about food, decoration or travelling. It’s a bit of everything and all the things we enjoy doing. So we hope you enjoy reading from us too!

Stef & Tiia


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